Hockey Strength Training Expert Mike Pickles discovered a huge gap in the industry where the constant 'Information Over-load' has left parents confused about how to properly prepare their players for success. From training to nutrition, parents continue to waste time and money on a trendy industry that misleads people into believing all the hype. This ongoing 'Information Over-load' also entices inexperienced trainers to use random workouts and ineffective training methods that also wastes parents time and money.

That's why Mike is so passionate about educating parents and trainers, to close this gap by sharing over 20 years experience of proper training in the trenches for hundreds of young hockey players. It's all about and has always been about sticking to the basics of what works while following a long-term development plan that has been a proven method for getting Mike's players incredible results. By assessing players properly and testing their performance, Mike has a proven track record for getting results year after year.

In 2011 Mike built the first off-ice hockey training facility in the White Rock area of British Columbia Canada. Since then Mike has successfully worked with Team BC players from the U15-16 level and has been the #1 provider in the community for players at the Major Midget and Junior level preparing them for the jump to the WHL and NCAA. Mike is well known for his dedication to providing excellence and considered a leading authority in the area for inspiring player's to succeed.

In 2014 Mike was invited to the Vancouver Canucks training facility to shadow players during an off-season workout. Learning from their Head Strength Coach Roger Takahashi inspired Mike to re-assess his own training philosophy with the understanding of how important it is to stick to the basics for his own hockey players. Mike has also combined his years of learning from other top strength coaches such as NHL trainer Gary Roberts to provide the best possible programming and coaching. 

In 2012 Mike teamed up with the International Youth Conditioning Association to co-author the number one best-selling book on Amazon.com called, 'The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength Conditioning and Performance'. Mike has also worked with the IYCA in collaboration with top trainers in North America to design programs that have gone on to sell thousands world-wide in their 'Big Book of Programs'.

Since then Mike has been an on-going contributor and author to highly recognized National on-line publications such as, Hockey Heros, One Million Skates, Hockey Now, and The Coaches Site. Mike's professional experience also includes working with the Okanagan Hockey Group, delivering on and off-ice combine testing for WHL prospects and presenting for BC Hockey's elite players on High Performance Training and Nutrition.



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